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Postcards from India – and other “inspiring” journeys

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Almost one year has gone by since my last post. I was actually thinking of shutting down the website, but somehow it’s a log of a very important and unexpected journey, so I decided it’s not going anywhere.

So, where did we go from that last post?

I went to India and never managed to write anything about it. I found some words here and there on some of my posts on Instagram, but nothing more. I tried, and tried and tried to talk about that hard, frustrating, marvelous, at time painfully different place that India is, but nothing: so many files ended up in the bin. SOOOOO FRUSTRATINGGGG! (note the use of the word ‘frustration’ twice – yes, on purpose!)

And this made me realise IT’S OKAY – as my world traveling friend Dan (who I met in India) would say – Hi Dan!

And really, this is the most precious thing one can learn – yet, the most difficult one to remember every single day. So thank you India (no, not in an Alanis way).

What I would love to share, though, are some photos I took while I was there, because what I saw and experienced with my senses really broke my mind into pieces and put them together in a way that will never be the same again.

Then I came back, and Inspire took the lead. In this now, more than an “I” I feel like a “we”. My journey turned into a collective one: it’s been one crazy, enthralling, painful, scary, absolutely glorious first ride. We came together and we created Inspire. We learnt, we got it wrong multiple times, we drove each other crazy, sometimes even angry, and it’s still a hard process of acquiring knowledge of all sorts, readjusting, understanding. But the feeling I experience at the end of every-single-day is LOVE. Huge, wholehearted, vulnerable, beautiful love.

I found incredible human beings, I found (some of) myself, I found the willingness to get it all wrong and still be accepted and still be forgiven and still be loved. I found friends, like, friends that you would write more like FRIENDS than friends. I found women and empowerment. And I found hope. 

Because “if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together”.

So now where do we get from here?

Maybe I won’t write another post for another year, or maybe I’ll write tomorrow again, who knows. But I did want to share some photos of these past months with you.

I invite you to visit Inspire and share the love. I invite you to be ready to clean while exploring. And if you want to initiate conversation, don’t hesitate. Like, never. I’m here and I can’t wait.

india darjeeling

indian temple darjeeling

observatory hill darjeeling

india darjeeling tea plantation

himalaya forest

goecha la trekking

trekking in india goecha la

monk temple kangchenjunga

monk prayer temple

kangchenjunga goeche la

himalaya skyline

landscape from himalaya

trekking in india himalaya

rododendrum himalaya

dzongri pass himalaya

dzongri sunrise

sunrise dzongri

dawn in dzongri

dzongri himalaya trekking

prayer flags

prayer flags india

dzongri pass trekking

kangchenjunga india from dzongri

kangchenjunga himalaya

kangchenjunga from gantok

night train to kolkata


kolkata botanic gardens

kolkata flower market

flower market calcutta

what to do in calcutta

market in calcutta india

calcutta india

sunderbans india

sunderbans west bengal

sunset in sunderbans

biggest mangrove forest in the world

andaman islans

havelock island

havelock island india

havelock beach india

things to see in india

what to do in india


inspire ecoparticipation litter

circeo pulizia inspire

cartello inspire circeo

inspire riserva naturale dell'aniene roma

riserva naturale dell'aniene

inspire capocotta pulizia spiaggia

pulizia spiaggia inspire

pulizia spiaggia roma

pulizia lago di castel gandolfo inspire

pulizia vitorchiano inspire

inspire evento con greenpeace

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