So what’s the point?

Contemporary society is all about success. Yoga is all about enlightenment. Both are statuses that supposedly we don’t have and we should pursue. Both are the divide between average (if not bad) people and those who made it – and are consequentially better than the rest. They both lead to a scale

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tips and postcards from Sicily, given with the heart.

Mal de Sicile.

No day goes by without me thinking back to my days in Catania last summer. That atmosphere is tattooed on my soul and my feelings. A sense of calm, warmth and incredible rooting. Something like Mal d’Afrique has been permeating me ever since. I don’t know if that’s a coincidence, but sicilians state

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what to do in berlin

Berlin is younger than me.

At Checkpoint Charlie there are a McDonalds, a KFC and a Starbucks, all inside big soviet style buildings. H&M and other big brands constantly pop everywhere, to the point I found this city more beautiful 10 years ago, without all these shops and without being so globalised. I didn’t need

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