My Manifesto

learning mindfulness through exploration and nature

I believe in the power of narration to plant seeds.
And in that of nature to teach how to grow them mindfully.

Alice goes around  is learning and practicing mindfulness through traveling, exploring and nature. Alice goes around  is committing to be the change. 

Nature is not a place to visit, it’s not something we are different from, it’s not an entity we can overlook. Nature is home. We are nature too. And this is a fundamental learning to understand in order to improve our lives.
The world is our playground, indeed, but also a place we have to protect and work hard for. Something we must be mindful for.

Until we understand that, we will keep on denying instead of living, competing, instead of collaborating, consuming, instead of preserving. And we’ll keep on exhausting everything, us included.
Indeed, life is not a matter of competition, frustration and fear, but an act of love. And this is true only if we choose it.

Change involves every single second of our lives. We constantly are part of a change, whether we like it or not. We change through choice, and we constantly make our own – even by not choosing, or not caring, or not paying attention. It happens through the way we take small decisions, use our means and lead our passions.

It’s up to us if we choose to soak every single thing we do in life with care, awareness, respect and attention – or not.

No struggle for success, glory and self-assessment will ever be enough if we don’t learn to be human again, with all our beautiful limits and flaws and role to play in the bigger ecosystem we are part of. No happiness, fulfillment, serenity or calm will be there for us, if we don’t go back to living life mindfully again.

There’s no in without an out – and vice versa.

How to make inner exploration possible and learn to live our life mindfully? There are many paths. I found mine to be, ultimately, nature. Nature can teach it all. It can teach us to master gratitude, resilience, respect, coexistence, coherence, patience, joy, love and any other positive and rooting behaviour. It can teach us how to not miss out in life, how to reach a goal, or how to appreciate what we have.
Eventually, it can teach us how to live.