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Manifest your freedom

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Who said it must be this way? (Disclaimer: this is a serious question)

Who said we must waste our lives after draining jobs, among artificial concrete buildings, surrounded by a cloud of smog and filled with frustration? Who made so important some pieces of fabrics, some cubicles of sheet, plastic objects, or the digits on the screen of a machine? When have we agreed to have a fictional race for a fictional purpose (i.e. glory/fame) steal our lives and our time and our emotions?

Why do we live like this? 

why do we live like this

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Rules, you might say. Laws. Borders. Society. Restrictions. Permits. But isn’t it a long list of things invented by human beings to control other human beings? Do they really exist?

Because when this Planet came to life, trees and rivers and skies and grass and zucchini and rain were there. Flowers and ladybugs and clouds and snow. And whatever other natural thing you can think of: that’s what existed and that’s what we were made for. So how can you make something we invented more real than this?

Come back down to Earth, realise it’s all those cities and careers and belongings and fames that don’t make any sense. They’re masks. 

If we invented one thing, we can invent its opposite too. If we chose to detach, alienate, destroy, frustrate, hate and live according to fake yet incredibly frustrating social conventions, we can choose the exact opposite. As always, it’s just a matter of choice.

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be here and now

Of course, if one changes, then nothing will happen. But if we all change, if we all stop being afraid to go upstream and disagree, and start being afraid to actually lose our lives and our time and our emotions after illusions, then there’s nothing that can be done against an horde of changers.

There’s no need of a movement to follow, no need of a messiah, or an initiator or a president: the only thing really needed is to manifest our own freedom starting from this very moment. Because one by one we can change by the trillion.

Start from what you buy. What you eat. Who or what you work for. Who or what you put first on your priority list. Who or what really makes your life worth living it. Realise you can do with less. You don’t need all those objects, you don’t need to own so many things. Why are they there? Are they really worth all the stress and the frustration and the anxiety and the rage? Are they really worth so many hours of you life? Are they really worth your days and your emotions?

Choose your values and stop compromising just because it’s too difficult, just because no one does it with you. Freedom is the greatest act of coherence.

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And always remember you ARE free. You can think and you can choose: is there anything that can make you freer than that?

All the rest, should bes and should does and rules and conventions, those are just inventions. The Planet, that’s not an invention. You are not an invention. Your time here is not an invention. And it’s the only time you have. Do you really want to waste it after things that allow you to have, but not to be?

Manifest your freedom and fulfill your actual responsibility: be here and be now, and live authentically. Make sure to savor every moment, to love hard and to follow what sets your soul on fire. It’s not a slogan. It’s not a motivational quote. It’s not a weekend hobby. It’s real life. That’s what it was made for. Don’t let a convention or an invention extinguish you.

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