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My garden is green: 6 tips for garden recycling and mindful gardening

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So one day my “pen” pal Dora sent me a message showing a coconut shell full of soil in which she had just planted some happy seeds. It felt so inspiring that I decided to write this post about six things we can all easily re-use for a sustainable garden and to plant our beauties, whether they are flowers, succulents, zucchini or avocados.

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We all are nature lover. So why consuming and polluting our gorgeous Earth with more plastic and more objects, when we can re-use stuff that we would throw away otherwise? Indeed, what’s the point of growing one plant with products that will kill a thousand other? Minding what we use to grow our plants is very important to practice mindful gardening and in general build mindful habits.

So here are some things you can recycle when gardening, in order to have a more sustainable garden.

Food shells

Whether it’s a coconut, an egg, a nut or any other sort of food, you can use them to plant your seeds, or grow supersmall plants. Some shells even have fertilising properties, like for example eggs. However, always double check if the properties of the shell you’re planting your green fellow in are good for it.

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Old cups and pottery

We all have that one chipped cup, glass or recipient we can’t use anymore. That broken jug, that cracked bowl. And they can all become beautiful, colourful and decorative vases for all sorts of plants. Same goes with plates: they can become flowerpot dishes.

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Plastic recipients

Whether it’s a small coffee cup, a big plastic glass, a yogurt pot, other pots, eggs’ packaging, or you name it, plastic recipients can all be useful for recycling when gardening. Of course, if you can avoid to use plastic in the first place in your daily life it would be the absolute best, however if you really must, then try to recycle it later in all possible ways. If you want to know more about the aftermath of you plastic waste, here’s a good documentary about it. 

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Glass vases

Many food products come into glass vases and jars. They can all be turned into beautiful vases or decorations for your garden, like for example tea light pots, or even dining glasses and cups if you want a fancy and original idea for your table.


We probably all know about the re-used pallet trend exploded in the past few years. We all know we can use pallets to make nice benches and sofas for our gardens and homes, customised tables and very decorative plant racks. So why not use them to make a nice and capacious vegetable garden in your terrace? And this are just four or five of the thousand things you can do reusing pallets. Bring it on, creativeness!

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Paper products

Despite the tech revolution, we still use, receive and produce so many paper products it’s scary. Always remember that paper can be very useful to wrap transparent vases so that roots won’t take the sun, but also to suppress weeds between plants, or to fertilise your garden. Just make sure to remove all sorts of plastic components and, of course, if the paper is glossy don’t use it.

Be creative!

When it comes to garden recycling, this list can be incredibly long . As time went on, I’ve seen so many options and ideas. Where to start? To have a more mindful and sustainable garden, terrace or whatever other green corner you have, the one thing you can do is to always think twice before throwing something away: could I use it for any other purpose? And don’t think about gardening only.

You’ll find out this is an incredibly powerful step towards a more conscious, sustainable and mindful life, that will influence all your other daily activities too.

Feel free to send over your pictures and ideas for a more sustainable and mindful garden and home at, or on Facebook and Instagram, so we can share some more tips and suggestions and be featured in another post! We all need recycling ideas for a better life.

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